JM-DATA: IT-Solutions & Telecom

We at JM-DATA offer you optimal solutions in the field of telecommunications!

If you are a company which need Support in telecommunications we can support you!

  • Internet (To speak with ISP to find your best solution)
  • Router equitment (Juniper, Cisco, Mikrotik)
  • Firewall equitment (Juniper)
  • Server Solution (Microsoft, VMWARE)
  • Backup Solution (NAKIVIO)
  • Telephony SIP (AICALL)
  • Wireless (Juniper, UniFi)
  • treatment of access equitment (JM-TESTSUITE)

If you are an ISP (xDSL, FTTH, DOCSIS, Wireless, ...), we have a complete solution - turnkey or a part from the project - all can we deliver!

  • core devices (Cisco and Juniper)
  • edge devices (Cisco and Juniper)
  • Server Solutions (VMWARE, Antispam, Mail, Web, DNS)
  • Backup and Firewall Solutions (Juniper, NAKIVIO)
  • access equitment (JM-FIBRE, Cisco, Juniper, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei)
  • access protocol FTTH (xPON, GEPON, Active Ethernet), Wireless, xDSL (Radius, ACS)
  • client equitment (JM-FIBRE, Cisco, UniFi, Mikrotik, ZTE, Huawei)

The best: you only have one contact person! 24x7 - around the clock!

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