JM-DATA: Testsuite

JM-DATA has a complete Testsuite for 
GePON ONU, GPON ONT, Active Ethernet-, DOCSIS-, Wireless-, Network – devices.

The JM-DATA TESTSUITE is an automated test solution which can automatically test any network equipment.

The advantage is that you plug in a device and it is then automatically tested and the process is completely documented.

So you have the security that you can give the device to your customer and that everything works 100%.

The process is can be like this:

  • Scan the device with a barcode or QR code
  • Connect the device to the test station
  • The test is carried out automatically
  • Delete user data
  • Update of software
  • factory reset
  • Test the RJ45 LAN connections
  • Test phone ports analog (calls)
  • Test telephone ports ISDN (calls)
  • Test telephone IP Protocol (SIP, PacketCable)
  • Wifi testing
  • test cordless phone (calls)
  • Reading out serial numbers
  • DOCSIS tuner test
  • FTTH test
  • xDSL test
  • WAN test
  • and much more

Record everything and, if necessary, display it on the screen if it is defective


The key feature on our system is, that you have a central system where is all the database and you can install multiple test places. Each test place have 12 testing stations. So you are flexible and in the event of technical changes when only the test stations (not central system) need to be upgraded.

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