What is DOCSIS ?

Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (abbreviated as DOCSIS) is a globally-recognized telecommunications standard that enables high-bandwidth data transfer via existing coaxial cable systems that were originally used in the transmission of cable television program signals (CATVS). The standard is now in its third generation (DOCSIS 3.1), with market prospects for the future remaining bright.


CMTS (Cable Modem Terminal System) is the head unit of DOCSIS. So all Modems are connected to the CMTS.

JM-DATA can deliver you new and refurbished CMTS.

New CMTS are JM-DATA FIBRE CMTS DOCSIS 3.1 with integrated Fibre Node and also EDGE QAM


The DOCSIS Modem is the equitment on the customer side. It can deliver to your customer LAN (1G/2,5G/10G), Telephony, WIFI.

Why use JM-DATA solution?

We offer you a plug-and-play solution! As a cable operator, you have one contact (JM-DATA ASSISTANT) who will install everything for you. You can therefore concentrate completely on your customers! Of course, our solution is completely CABLELABS compliant, so you can connect other DOCSIS devices at any time.

With our new JM-DATA FIBRE DOCSIS 3.1 solution, you even have the option of upgrading existing 2.0 DOCSIS modems to DOCSIS 3.1.
And with our new CMTS you can even replace the fiber nodes, as this is integrated in our CMTS. One device you play internet and television to your customers!

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